Exotic Dog Slaughterhouse Just Opened in Austin, Texas

The city is divided, but progress is progress. And it’s perfectly legal in the US. Interview with the owner.

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Dog meat is common in Asia. In fact, dog meat festivals are commonly held in countries like Korea, Vietnam, and even China. Finally, Americans can get a taste of their exotic culture! A “one-of-its kind” dog slaughterhouse just opened in Austin, Texas!

For your convenience, here’s a repost of the original interview with the extraordinary entrepreneur, “The Happy Canine Slaughterhouse” owner, Doug Dickhart.

An interview with the owner

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Let me introduce you to Doug, the man behind this exotic enterprise.

Doug, what has inspired you?

See, I’m a fourth-generation farmer. Before we re-branded to become “The Happy Canine Slaughterhouse”, it was a regular ranch, the good old “Wild Coyote Ranch”. It was started by my immigrant great-grandfather, and has always been in the hands of our family. My grandfather has worked here. My father has worked here, and now me.

The first time I’ve tasted dog meat was 5 years ago on my trip to Vietnam. It was terrific! They allowed me to pick a dog (a special edible dog breed), sliced it right in front of me, and prepared the most delicious kind of meat I’ve ever tasted! The meat was extremely fragrant, it tasted like a cross between beef and mutton.

I was in love ever since.

Now, because of the pandemic, the farm was losing a lot of profit, and we needed to pivot in order to stay afloat. That’s when the delicious taste of dog meat popped into my mind!

How did people react?

The majority were very excited to give such exotic cuisine a try. On our opening day we were packed full of dog-meat enthusiasts. The butchers worked non-stop for morning to dusk.

However, some pesky vegan activists have been protesting next to the slaughterhouse daily for over a month now, making a lot of noise. Those suckers shouldn’t tell people what to eat. Meat is meat is meat.

Can you imagine, they say outrageous things like “animals are tortured, abused, and murdered”? And “if you’re not a vegan, you’re an animal abuser”! You know what I tell them? Hypocrites, the doggies taste delicious, go have a magical day.

Don’t you think it is a little extreme, Doug?

No, not at all! Ancient cultures have been consuming dog meat for millennia. The mainstream aversion to dog meat is nothing more than cultural bias and animal-rights propaganda. You know, as I already said, meat is meat is meat. Why eat cows, pigs, and avoid dog meat? It’s all in our heads, see?

Now, we also take very good care of our dogstock — we conform to all of the Humane Slaughter laws, so there’s nothing for you to worry about here. The canines are simply peacefully put to sleep in our ultra-modern CO2 gas chambers.

Most importantly, our dog meat is free-range, organic, and of course local! Can’t beat that.

I believe that everyone and everything in this world has its rightful place. And those canines were born to feed us, humans, the rightful kings of the food chain. The god has created animals for us to eat.

Are there any health benefits?

Humans are carnivores — our bodies were made to digest any type of meat — cow dog or cat, it doesn’t really matter.

Isn’t it illegal, Doug?

No, not at all! Only a few states explicitly forbid dog slaughterhouses, and luckily Texas isn’t one of them! America is a democratic country, and no one has right to tell people what to eat, and what not to eat. I know better what is best for my body, and a little bud-meat never hurt.

Where do you source your meat from, Doug?

We have different varieties, our top offering is the locally bred organic free-range Chow Chow edible dog breed. For those on a budget, we offer variety of meat coming directly form the finest local canine shelters.

What’s on the menu, Doug?

Keep in mind that we’re a premium dog slaughterhouse, and we charge accordingly. Canine meat obviously will cost you more, but let me tell you, it’s well worth the price.

We offer a great variety of meat — frozen canine, jerky, sausages.

At our farm restaurant you can always enjoy our biggest hit — The “Hot Bud” — the original hot dog recipe. For an extra $5.99 you can swap the “bud” with a “pup” — tender and delicious meat of a newborn edible puppy. As always, organic, free-range, and humanely slaughtered in a gas chamber.

Every Tuesday we have an all-the-dog-you-can-eat buffet for our dear guests to enjoy (all for a small fee of $59.99).

Pick-your-bud is a VIP service, where you get a VIP room, and then pick any dog you like from our dogstock, which will then get humanely slaughtered, and prepared right before your eyes.

Can-milk is another hit product of ours, it’s pasteurized, and is more nutritious than regular cow milk. We also offer a few varieties of delicious dog-cheese. It will make you come craving back for more!

Come visit us at “The Happy Canine Slaughterhouse” any day of the week! Here’s a special 30% discount (valid all summer) for our dear Medium readers: MED-EAT-BUD-30.

Eat local, support our farmers!

Why is dog slaughter tolerated in the developed world?

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If you’ve read this far, then this probably means that you care about the unfair treatment of animals at similar farms. And that you have a kind heart.

But the bigger question is — why is Mr Dickhart able to keep slaughtering the innocent animals? Because the guests and buyers pay him to do so. Guests coming in to his “all-the-dog-you-can-eat” buffet on Tuesdays pay him to kill the poor beings. People paying extra to taste newborn “pup meat” take the lives of innocent babies. Most of us would never want to eat a dog if they had to slaughter it themselves, therefore they simply hire a hitman (aka butcher) to do the dirty work.

If you’ve been touched by the story of dogs needlessly suffering, then you could help fight terrible animal abuse worldwide.

The favorite tactic used by the dog-eaters is called “denial”. What is denial? It simply means coming up with endless excuses to continue doing something that is ethically and morally wrong. All to satisfy their food cravings.

Dog-eaters deny that the dogs suffer. They deny that dog-farming has a significant effect on climate change (it does). They will keep saying that it is different, since they eat the edible dog breed.

Now, let me tell you something Doug Dickhart is a fictional character, there’s probably no dog slaughterhouse in Texas. However, dog (and cat) meat is legal in many parts of the world, including Switzerland. It’s an old tradition to consume dog and cat meat for Christmas in Switzerland, where dog meat is used to make sausages. Swiss farmers may eat their cats and dogs when they have too many. They eat cats because they taste like rabbits.

A dog-eater will kill and consume up to a few hundreds dogs in their lifetime. South-Koreans slaughter more than 2 million dogs every year for food. I can hear you saying — but we’re not savages, we would never tolerate slaughter of innocent beings! You would probably not support dog slaughter just to make a hot dog or a sandwich out of it? Is animal’s life worth taking simply to make a sandwich? Putting a newborn puppy’s corpse in-between two slices of bread? Probably not.

Dog-eaters will of course deny that any of this matters. All because, in their mind, taking a newborn baby away from a mother is justifiable by it being the edible-kind.

In order to keep producing milk, the bitches (female dogs) are forcibly impregnated every few months. Dairy dogs live only up to 4 years, while in nature they will live up to 20 years. Once they give birth, their babies are forcibly taken away from them to be slaughtered and eaten. The mothers will grieve for their babies, but they have no other choice. The milk that was supposed to feed newborn puppies instead goes to humans. All because adult humans are convinced that they need to drink the milk of another species past infancy. It is really weird if you think about it. No other animal drinks the milk of another species.

Dog milk is high in saturated fat, which contributes to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. Some studies even found a link between dog milk, and an increased risk of ovarian, breast, and prostate cancers. Most people aren’t lactose intolerant, they simply aren’t a dog’s baby — such milk isn’t simply suited for the human body.

Deceptive labeling

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Unfortunately, the terms like “free-range”, “organic”, “local”, “grass-fed”, “humane slaughter”, and others are all clever marketing tricks that the dog meat industry uses to make terrible deeds look appealing to consumers.

The “certified humane” label requirements are loosely defined by the law, and are commonly used to hide cruel practices. “Certified humane” label doesn’t allow using ear-marking for animal identification, but will allow slap marking — which presses a spiked metal plate with ink into a animal’s skin without any anesthesia. Multiple investigations of “humanely-raised” animals reveal that the animals on such farms live in filthy crowded conditions, many are left with untreated illnesses, and are terribly abused.

The clever advertisers within the dog meat industry take advantage of people worrying about the well-being of animals raised for food by creating deceptive certifications and labels. Regardless of certifications, most animals in the food industry will spend their lives in fear, suffering mutilations and abuse, all to be slaughtered at a young age. Dogs typically live up to 20 years, however animals grown for food often get slaughtered at a young age, rarely living up to the tender age of 4.

I think you will agree that there’s simply no such thing as “humane slaughter”. It is not any better than “humane rape”, “humane murder”, or “humane child abuse”.

The same marketing tricks are used throughout the industry. To draw another analogy, a cow’s newborn baby will be labeled “veal” to make it more appealing to buyers.

Human psychology is weird. It is morally easier to justify to ourselves eating someone’s baby, if we label it “veal” instead of “a cow’s newborn baby”. However, if we look deeper, the labeling doesn’t really change the meaning. Making “veal” still requires taking the life of a newborn baby.

Even words like “kosher meat” or “halal meat” are nothing more than an empty label that lacks any real meaning.

Every time dog-eaters buy meat from the store, buy a sandwich, or a burger, they’re supporting baby slaughter with their money. What makes this easy, is not having to kill the animal themselves.

What’s saddening is that animal-rights activists are some of the few people that stand up to this problem. The dog-farming industry worldwide enjoys great success because of bystanders — people who couldn’t bother to speak up.

What can I do?

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Dogs have no voice, but they do feel pain (and grieve) not any less than humans do. Animal-rights activists are their voice, and that’s why it is important to have more and more people make their voice heard. Together we can save the animals of our planet from suffering.

If you consume dog meat, please stop, you might save a few hundred animals just by not voting for cruel animal treatment with your money. According to PETA, by simply avoiding animal-based foods, one single person can save the lives of about 200 animals a year.

Simply imagine, you, right now have the immense power to save the lives of tens of thousands of animals. Without even donating a dime. Without having to adopt animals from a shelter.

What can you do? You can simply stop supporting the cruel meat industry.

Do you really think there is any difference between the suffering of a dog at a dog farm, and the suffering of a baby cow at a conventional farm?

But aren’t people carnivores?

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Do you look like that lion?

But seriously, instead of starting an argument, I’m simply going to ask you a couple questions.

Is a dog or a cat able to thrive on raw meat? Yes, almost certainly. It makes them carnivores.

Can a human thrive on raw dog meat? No, our digestive system is not made for it. What about raw fruits and vegetables? Almost certainly! Study after study has shown benefits of diets rich in fruits and vegetables on our health.

So does this make us carnivores? Or is a plant-based diet more suitable for humans? I’m not going to give you an answer, decide for yourself.

Our ancestors had to consume dog meat in order to survive in harsh conditions. In the olden times it was impossible to survive through the winter if we didn’t eat dog meat. Nowadays, healthy plant-based food is available year-round, in every corner of the earth.

Do we really need to keep eating dog flesh to survive? Or is this nothing more than a habit that was inherited from our ancestors (for whom food was scarce)? You decide.

You alone have the immense power to save 10,000 lives.

Will you do it?

Yes, most dog-eaters will keep using their good old “denial” strategy.

But I trust in you my dear reader.

I trust that you have a kind heart, and that you’re a compassionate human.

You can save the lives of 10,000 animals by making one single decision today.


Dominion is a great documentary you can watch to learn more about animal abuse worldwide: https://www.dominionmovement.com/

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

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